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Welcome to Meter Magic!

An Electric Utility Bill Calculator for Members of Douglas Electric Coopertive

New to Meter Magic?

It's a quick, simple and accurate way to prepare your electric bill!

Once you have your information entered you only need to enter one number for each of your meters and you have the results! You can then either copy the results to your regular mail-in form or, if you have a printer, print the form to send with your payment. The readings that you enter are available at the office for a head start on processing your info.

What's New?

  • "Year Summary" now looks just like the "For Your Records" sheet.

  • Up to 3 SUB meters.

What's planned?

This calculator was developed by a member with several goals in mind:

To save time for the member processing the bill.
To improve accuracy of the items submitted to the company.
To simplify the processing at the company.
To make the process more economical (save money!)

Meter Magic is developed independently with the cooperation of Douglas Electric.
(copyright 2018-2019. All rights reserved.)

Report problems and/or commets to

Helpful tips and other information:

  • Your information is stored on a secure sight and scrambled. However, someone who knows your map location and account number can access it just like you do. A password system could be implemented but the way it is avoids that hassle. If it would be important to you, contact support.

  • The meter reading date is determined as follows: It will use the current month except after the 25th of the month it will use the 1st of the next month. This is so that if you are unable to read on or after the 1st, you can submit estimated information. For example if you will be away for the first part of the month.

  • You can enter the readings from a smart phone (a better interface for that is being worked on). If you enter from a phone you can then use the program on another computer to see or print the information.